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Frequently asked questions
What type of license do I need?

If you're intending to embed jsPlumb Components into a static website, ie a site that has no user logon or personalisation, a Web license is sufficient. For web applications that you host yourself, you need a Saas license. For applications your clients will host, or that are distributed as mobile or desktop applications, an OEM license is required.

How many developer seats do I need?

You need one developer seat for each developer who writes/manages code that interacts with the jsPlumb Components API. On our site you can purchase up to 10 developer seats.

What if I need more than 10 developer seats?

If you need more than 10 developer seats, drop us a line at, and we can discuss your requirements.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay with Mastercard/Visa/American Express on our site. If you wish to pay with international bank transfer, you can enter your order online and then export an invoice with payment details as a PDF. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to issue a Purchase Order, you can contact us at

Can I use jsPlumb Components in an open source application?

Open source usage is not permitted under the terms of the jsPlumb Components license.